25 Holyrood St, Hampton, VIC, Phone (03) 9598 0460
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Members Cash Draw:
Every Wednesday and Friday nights are Hampton RSL Members nights, with happy hour and raffles.  On both nights there is Member’s Draw where a members number is drawn out of a barrel.  If that person is present then a cash prize is won!  The cash draw jackpots each week.  To be drawn you must be financial (paid up), and to receive the prize you must be in the venue at the time of calling.  If you are not there as a consolation prize of $10.00.  The best option is to be there!

Bonus Points:
Hampton RSL members who swipe their members card will receive points based off their purchase. This is 1% of the value of your purchase which can be redeemed at a later date. These points can really add up, and it may be the difference between having that last beer or not when you’re stuck without any cash on you.