25 Holyrood St, Hampton, VIC, Phone (03) 9598 0460
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A brief history of the Hampton RSL Club:

  • 1945 -1946 saw the formation of the Hampton Sub Branch of the Returned Soldiers Sailors and Airmen Imperial League of Australia, by taking over the Hampton Returned Soldiers Association founded by the war veterans of the 1914-1918 war.


  • 1949  trustees were appointed to hold certain funds produced by members of the R.S.S. and A.I League of Australia.  The trustees were called the Trustees of the Building and Patriotic Fund.


  • May 1952 the R.S.S. and A.I. League of Australia purchased a large house called ‘Wearside’ at 25 Holyrood Street, Hampton.


  • On 9 August 1954 the Sub Branch of the R.S.S. and A.I formed The Hampton R.S.L Club for the purpose of obtaining a liquor licence for the Club premises. The Licensing Court would only grant a restricted licence for bottles and cans of beer only.


  • 1955 saw the installation of an eight rink bowling green.


  • 1958 the Hampton RSL was granted a full liquor licence, with the Executive Committee of the Hampton R.S.L rostered as Duty Officers to perform duties behind the bar.


  • In July 1960, 23 Holyrood Street was purchased to a depth of 140 feet. This was to enable the Hampton RSL Club to install an extra four rinks to the bowling green to make it a twelve rink bowling green for R.S.L Club Members.


  • At a General Meeting held in 1966 the Hampton R.S.L Club resolved to admit Ladies to the Club Premises during certain hours.


  • 1968, 21 Holyrood Street was purchased for $18,000.00, and in 1969 the remainder of 23 Holyrood Street was purchased for $50,000.00.