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Competition Update

Interstate Snooker Competition

The Victorian RSL and New South Wales RSL Snooker Associations have held an annual tournament which was started in 1947 by  First and Second World War Veterans.  These matches are taken very seriously in combat, but are always based on goodwill and friendship. Hampton RSL is the headquarters for the Victorian RSL Snooker Association and is the venue for the finals when the tournament is held in Victoria.

The 2015 Competition was held in October.  After a five year drought, we saw Victoria bringing home the chocolates – well done to all the players.  Hampton players in the Victorian team were Paddy Enright, Mike Anglim, Norm (Packy) Packham, Jim Davidson and Bill (Choc) Mirabito.


Snooker and Billiards

Our snooker and billiards team of Paddy Enright, Alan Redmond, Colin (Bibby) Vickers, Shannon McCormack, Mike Anglim and Bill (Choc) Mirabito have just scraped into the finals.  Good luck to our team.